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  • Building a Google Hangouts chatbot using Apps Script

    Build AI-powered customer conversations in Google Maps and Search with Google’s Business Messages Make sure that you’re signed in to the correct Google Account when you open the Apps Script template. The current account can sometimes switch to your default account without you noticing. Gemini is also only available in English, though Google plans to […]

  • Chatbots Vs Conversational AI Whats the Difference?

    Comparison of Chatbots vs Conversational AI in 2024 Rule-based chatbots use keywords and other language identifiers to trigger pre-written responses—these are not built on conversational AI technology. Conversational AI is context-aware and supports a variety of communication channels, including text, video and voice. This versatility allows it to understand requests with multiple inputs and outputs. […]

  • 5 Best Shopping Bots Examples and How to Use Them

    Shopping Bots: Types and Benefits Explained We reserve the right to change or update information and to correct errors, inaccuracies, or omissions at any time without prior notice. A 2021 survey by Deloitte found that the average U.S. household has 25 internet-connected devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and video game consoles. When a highly anticipated […]

  • What is AI Image Recognition? How Does It Work in the Digital World?

    Understanding Image Recognition: Algorithms, Machine Learning, and Uses MarketsandMarkets research indicates that the image recognition market will grow up to $53 billion in 2025, and it will keep growing. Ecommerce, the automotive industry, healthcare, and gaming are expected to be the biggest players in the years to come. Big data analytics and brand recognition are […]

  • Chatbot for Education: Use Cases, Benefits, Examples Freshchat

    Role of AI chatbots in education: systematic literature review Full Text In fact, 85% of them admitted to having felt more comfortable and relaxed conversing with the bots over a student partner or teacher as in classical teaching. If your educational institution is considering adopting an AI chatbot, why not schedule a demo or get […]

  • How to Become an AI Engineer 2024 Career Guide

    Exploring Artificial Intelligence Engineering in 2024: A Detailed Overview by Jennifer Wales Even though there may be some overlap in responsibilities, AI developers focus primarily on piecing together the different components that create a working AI program. Without highly skilled engineers, infrastructure like bridges and skyscrapers would fall quickly into disrepair. Likewise, today’s technologies require […]